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9 Bullets

"The soundtrack – classic Americana with an indie vibe – captures a sense of the open road, of possibility and personal transformation." Helen Tope - The Reviews Hub

Crooked House


“The film maintains a dark, mysterious tone throughout. A powerful soundtrack and

scenes without dialogue create sequences with the perfect amount of suspense”

– Vulture Hound

"An eerie score composed by Hugo de Chaire featuring swooning strings and unsettling drums convey the off-kilter anxiety that pervades the environment" 

- Katie Walsh (LA TIMES)

”It captivates due in large part to impeccable production, set design and costuming, making it a visually delightful period piece of a film. Add to this the sinister original score by Hugo de Chaire which served the direction so well"

“That said, there’s enough fun to be had in Crooked House’s story and its lavish set designs are a gorgeous treat. Hugo de Chaire’s unsettling score is a real highlight"

- Hunter and Bligh (AU)

Classic FM Interview

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