Hugo de Chaire is an award-winning British composer working in Film and Television, based in Los Angeles and the UK. He has collaborated with directors including ®Academy Award-nominated director-writer James Dearden, Gilles Paquet-Brenner and ®Oscar-winning writer-producer Julian Fellowes.  

Hugo has worked on films that have featured some of the industry’s most exceptional on-screen talent and he has recorded his scores with world-renowned orchestras and players, including Berlin Philharmonic and Deutsche Symphony at Teldex Berlin, Max Steiner Orchestra at Synchron Stage, Vienna, and London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic at Abbey Road, London. 

Hugo has written and produced music for the world's top record labels, worked with the industry's most renowned production companies and  he has written music that personifies entire brands, such as Classic FM (UK) and Univision News Network (USA). 

"it captivates due in large part to impeccable production, set design and costuming, making it a visually delightful period piece of a film. Add to this the sinister original score by Hugo de Chaire, which served the direction so well."

                          MIDCENTURY MODERN

"An eerie score composed by Hugo de Chaire featuring swooning strings and unsettling drums conveys the off-kilter anxiety that pervades the environment".

                                  Katie Walsh - LA TIMES                                       



Hugo has recently completed writing the score to the feature documentary 'Overland'.  

An epic and meditative odyssey across four continents, OVERLAND is the interwoven story of three extraordinary people living the 6,000 year-old tradition of falconry to find their place in the modern world.

Directed by Revere La Noue and Emmy-Award nominated Producer and Director Elisabeth Haviland James. 


Hugo's 'Film Noir' album for EMI will be released on all major streaming platforms this coming November. 

The album comprises of twelve exciting and highly expressive retro-film noir tracks. The album was recorded with the Max Steiner Orchestra at the Synchron Sound Stage in Vienna. 

Hugo de Chaire Scores 'Surviving Christmas - With the Relatives' 

Out in US Cinemas in Dec 2019


Hugo completed scoring the Christmas comedy film 'Surviving Christmas with the Relatives' directed by James Dearden, starring Julian Ovenden, Gemma Whelan, Joely Richardson, Sally Phillips, Michael Landes, Patricia Hodge, Ronni Ancona, Sophie Simmett and James Fox.   

The score was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on 17th October 2018.









Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


Two sisters and their families spend - or rather, endure - Christmas at their late parents' dilapidated country house.


Based on the novel by Agatha Christie, private detective Charles Hayward is invited to solve a gruesome crime where nobody is above suspicion, including Sophia, his client and former lover. 


​A helpless British astronaut suffering Hypoxia is locked in a dysfunctional Cold War space Capsule orbiting earth. With limited contact with his own team, the deeply suspicious Russians and Americans attempt to intervene... One Man, One Mission, One Choice... Who will he Trust?


An ITV Documentary about Blenheim Palace during the First World War presented by Julian Fellowes.

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Hugo de Chaire (*1979) is an award winning British composer working in Film and Television. A percussionist from the age of six, he became principal drummer in his school big band from the age of fourteen.   


Hugo studied piano and composition privately in the UK and is a graduate of Music Production from Kingston University London (2001). He went on to work as an in-house composer for London-based music production company Wise Buddah writing music for radio and commercials. In 2007 he trained with ®Emmy Award-winning film composer Hummie Mann in Seattle (Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program) and went on to work for ®Emmy Award-nominated film composer Joey Newman in Los Angeles, where he gained extensive experience in scoring to picture.


In 2018 Hugo won best original score at The Music and Sound Awards for Crooked House (2017), a film adaption of Agatha Christie’s 1940s thriller directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, co-written and produced by ®Acadamy Award winner Julian Fellowes, and starring GlenClose, Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Terrence Stamp and Max Irons. The innovative score, recorded with a chamber-size orchestra in Berlin, Germany, provides an exhilarating counterpart to the film with the frequent use of extended playing and orchestration techniques combined with analogue synth, synth bass layering and sparse percussion. Through its modern and minimalist approach, the music balances with the story to convey a sense of pervasive disquiet and abstraction.


In 2018 Hugo also worked with ®Acadamy Award-nominated director James Dearden scoring the UK feature Surviving Christmas with the Relatives, starring Julian Ovenden, Gemma Whelan, Joely Richardson, Sally Phillips, Michael Landes, Patricia Hodge, Ronni Ancona, Sophie Simmett and James Fox. The score was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in October 2018.


Hugo has extensively written music for TV, Documentaries, Music Libraries, Radio, News Networks and Commercials. He has three times collaborated with Downton Abbey writer and producer Julian Fellowes, firstly on the BBC series Never Mind The Full Stops, in 2014 on the NBC-Universal documentary Great War House, then on Crooked Housein 2017. Hugo is well known for his radio work on Classic FM (UK) for which he wrote the main theme and subsequent 120 variants for all program strands, which won the Arqiva Commercial Radio Award in 2011.


These were further used on Klassik Radio, Germany’s largest classical radio station as well as on Classic FM in Dubai. Hugo’s compositions for the main themes of the US news network Univision have been on air since 2010. 

Hugo has worked with Santa Monica, LA-based music production companies Extreme Music / Bleeding Fingers and Grooveworx for whom he has written music for media including News Broadcast Music, Commercials and Trailers across the USA and Europe. 

In 2016 Hugo won ‘best original film score’ at five international film festivals including LA and NYC independent film festivals for Capsule, a space thriller directed by Andrew Martin, set in the 1950s and starring Edmund Kingsley. The 90-minute score was recorded with a 73-piece orchestra and was combined with an array of modular and analogue synthesizers, providing a deep and intense musical backdrop to the film’s Cold War setting. 




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